Exercise: How To Get Good Abs

The trainers having years of experience advise us how to get perfect abs and what is the most common mistake we make during the exercise.

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As summer approaches, the more I hear from my clients and people I meet in the gym phrase: ” We need to do more abs! I want perfect abs! ”. Trainee in the gym, telling me proud that he had just completed his abs training and countless repetitions in just 35 minutes. I decided, this myth must be broken!

The theory says that “the more, the better” does not apply for abs, precisely because there is no natural mechanism to achieve local slimming. Therefore, those crunches you do, 6-pack will not see RESULTS. The reason is that you can not reduce the layer of fat in this way that exists in the region and “covers” their muscles.

So while the workout abdominal may reduce slightly the points from your waistline, it has no effect in reducing your body fat, thereby to the lineage. So the key to success is not the strength of the abdominal and exaggeration. In contrast, a very good workout for the whole body, is, was and always will be the key to fat loss, and therefore the key to perfect abs.

So to get 6-pack, finish your workout timely with some quickdraws intense intermittent exercise rather than spend all of your time on extra crunches. Interval training is the key to faster burn fat because it burns more calories than aerobic low intensity and long duration.

However not completely abandon the workout your abs. All these working effectively together. A strong core (abs / dorsal) is the alpha and omega health and injury prevention and pain of your waist. Also, the core is the one who will help you improve all your athletic performance. To accomplish this you must include in your program and isometric exercises (lateral and normal boards) and exercises activate deep-muscle (transverse).

Conclusion: If you want to look your abs, add 5-10 set interval at the end of your workout. This will burn many more calories than any other training method. Put some quality in your abdominal workout and pump up your heart to correct exercises and training volume without the kink with endless crunches! At the same time, watch your diet and get rid of off excess fat hiding your abs.

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