Freelancers: 5 Great Free Tools For Freelancers!

In the digital world, there is a huge range of applications targeted at professionals. After extensive testing by the team, we present 5 free tools to launches your efficiency soaring!

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1. Dropbox – Access your files from anywhere you are

Your DropBox offers the ability to store files that have the computer in your home, in the cloud (cloud). So you get access to them wherever you are, on any computer. You can also share documents and files with other people.

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2. Wunderlist – For better organization of work and your project

The Wunderlist is a handy tool that allows you to manage and share lists with the work you have to do (to-do lists). Can you put in priority projects, to create deadlines for implementing projects, add reminder sounds and delegate items to other users?

3. Toggle – Monitor and manage your time efficiently

The Toggle enables you to watch your time. It is extremely useful to help you to write down the total hours they spent to a customer project implementations and analyzes the work consumed most of your time.

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4. Dashlane – Manage effectively the codes use

With Dashlane can monitor and manage all the usernames and passwords you use for different platforms, applications and services necessary for the completion of your work.

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 5. Evernote – The best electronic notebook

The Evernote allows you to keep unlimited notes, storage sites and even digitizing documents. Being search engine and labels to help you keep your notes organized.

Note: These applications are available in versions for Desktop and Smartphones.

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