Hair Fall Problem: Tips For Shiny Hair

Are you concerned about your hair problems like rough hair or hair fall problem or any other hair problem? You are at the right place. It’s will be my pleasure if you get benefitted to given tips. Undoublty, 99% women like their hair more than any other part of the body. Straightforward, hair is everything for them in a context of beauty. Rarely, you will see to women without it.

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Today, one of every three people are struggling with any kind of hair problems. Seeing the tremendous increasing number of patients (Having hair problem) in last five years record, the problem has been a major concern. Scientist and analysts are trying to find the problem and on the basis of theory, till now they have not reached any strong remarkable result. yet, in the market drug, shampoo and other cosmetic manufacturer companies is claiming the effective and remarkable result.

At this time, to say anything regarding this subject would not possible until and unless our researcher reached any final stage. But don’t be nervous, you can avoid the problem not completely but a very effective limit by using some kitchen material or using the natural things.  Here are some tips, hope you will like and try for the result.

  • For shine and hydration of the hair, the best ingredient is honey. Put a tablespoon of honey in 500ml hot water. After the bath, evenly spread the mixture just build.
  • The lemon juice is ideal for oily hair. It also gives the blond hair brighter color. But beware: never spread lemon juice straight in our heads. We attend the first to dilute with water! After you place it in an empty spray packaging (you will find in beauty shops and supermarkets) and spray on damp or wet hair.
  • In a bowl, dilute water and vinegar and apply it to your hair. It gives incredible shine directly!
  • Fruit hair for shine and healthy look: in a saucepan with 1 liter of water, boil for 10 minutes an apple slice and a small slice of melon. Strain the liquid, let it cool and store it in a bottle for a day. Apply fresh hair product you made immediately after the conditioner. Rinse well.


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