Homemade Cosmetics: Easy And Efective

Cosmetics with kitchen materials are pure and can construct in the kitchen. Buy a beautiful notebook and record which one best beauty recipes you can discover easily. Summer is just around the corner and these beauty elixirs is really a cool wave for skin care during the hot months to come.

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No need to worry about where to find some of these components. There are definitely in pharmacies and shops with organic food.

Today, most of us don’t not want to use unnatural product on the skin even some completely ignored cosmetic products available in the maket. Becuase they think, such product are not completely pure even companies use many camical for the production of such item. They always try to use home made cosmetic product.

On the other hand, seeing the busy lifestyle, most of us don’t have time to make homemade body scrub, lotion and etc. They are completely willing to use outside product. Now the problem, how to use natural product.

At this time, I don’t have the answer, but for having time, here are two method and can use for beaautification.

Tonic lotion with chamomile and lavender and peppermint oils, You will need:

½ cup of tea hamamelis extract
¼ cup chamomile tea
¼ cup tea lemon juice
5 natural glycerin drops
5 drops of lavender essential oil
2-3 drops of essential oils of peppermint

Build lotion
Put all the above ingredients in a bottle and mix well. Then place a small quantity in a cleansing disc and gently clean your skin.

Body Scrub with lemon and honey, You will need:

2 ½ cups of tea sugar
½ cup almond oil
4 tablespoons lemon juice
4 tablespoons honey
4 drops of lemon essential oil

Build the scrub
In a bowl put the sugar and almond oil and mix well. Then add the lemon juice and stir. Finally, add honey and lemon essential oil. Mix well.
Tip: It would be good at what you make to first do a test on your skin by spreading a small quantity in your hand.

Express beauty
Recipes … only one component

• The best treatment for chapped lips is honey that we have in our kitchen. Apply a small quantity on your lips instead lipbalm.

• The rose water with the wonderful smell can become a super refreshing facial shine spray. Just put it in an empty spray packaging and keep it in your bag.

• To olive oil can be used as a cleansing product. Put a little on a cotton swab and fix your makeup.

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