How to Check Duplicate Content | Best Way To Check Plagiarism

Fresh content plays an important role, every SEO and blogger should be aware of the duplicate content. Today, we know, there are lots of search engine like Google, Bing and much more, where people search for getting information. When a site or blog have a same or copied information to another site then that site does not get proper ranking on search engine result page or we can say that does not perform well. If you are a blogger and thinking to make money using Google Adsense program, then you should always use fresh content even you should also be aware that no other websites are using your website’s fresh content. You can help from the blog by reading but you should avoid to copied it.

Time to time Google developer review which one website is using duplicate content. In this review program, developers get the information of domain that uses duplicate content, once their program detects any website having duplicate content, after that it become very difficult for that website to make good ranking on the search engine result page. Therefore, before posting any blog  or doing any type SEO, it is important to identify and remove duplicate content. I know, you are thinking about your valuable time and some are thinking, it’s very boring but believe me if you do this, definitely web site ranking will come with the very positive result after some time.

Here we are talking about, how to check duplicate content or the best way to check, is the content fresh or not? Here are some website, by which anyone can perform this task very simply;

Small SEO Tools : – This tool is very simple. You need only copy and paste your content after that this tools find out, such content is the exit or not? Check own content on clicking given link;

Dubli Checker : – Online tool to check plagiarism checker, this tool also helps and give the best result.

Plagiarism Software : – This software also helps to find out. Visit the official site by clicking on given link;

There are lots of online software through which one can check and get the good result. The accuracy of this software is not bad, but if one want 100% accuracy then here is a good way, without using the tool, one can perform this action.

How to Check Plagiarism without using Tool

Most of us don’t know this technique, method or way that comes up with 100% accuracy. Let us know how to check; Copy a single sentence or 8 to 9 words of your own content and go to search engine like Google after that paste th16:43:18ese copied words into double quotes (“*****************************”) and enter, just like a given image;

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 1.14.11 am

If you get no result found then it is 100% surety, the sentence is not copied. Sometimes, one or two line get copied in your fresh content then don’t be frosted sometimes it happen that sentence you are thinking about someone has already post on the web. This does not point out that it is duplicate content. You can avoid such type of duplicity by using synonyms of the word.

In last, If you know any other simple way then let me know in the comment.

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