How To Eliminate Bad Mood: Tips & Tricks

There are days when we do not know what to blame us, blame us all. Get an idea of the steps, which play the role eraser to that concern us.

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Ask yourself the following questions:

1) What really tortures? Are you irritable and sad and not know exactly why? Consider what has preceded in the day or week. Refer to the previous days like browsing through a magazine until you find what it charged emotionally.

2) Did I avoid something? Much more easily add the weight of our ill will in irritating horn guide us, instead of seeing that what bothers us, is rooted in our own lives. Other things, showing reluctance reason, this “something” that really concerns us!

3) Is more than one thing? For your bad mood can not be held responsible only one event. It can be many and can be found in the job, the family, the relationship or your marriage


1) Breathe: Concentrate on your breathing, taking 10 deep breaths-exhalations to drive away the stress and put under control your emotions.

2) Find a quiet place: Do not be afraid to stay alone with yourself. The answers lie within us. Find a quiet place to unwind. If you lock yourself in the office for a few minutes in the toilet.

3) Detach your attention : Read something funny, play with your dog (if you have) put a dishwasher or washing machine. The distraction helps calm, so when consciously return to your thinking to the problem, you will see it differently.

4) Exercise: Go for a walk, do some yoga postures, select is, to make your body move in some way. Will help to better flow of your reasoning and cheer you and disposal.

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1) Talk: On a trusted friend or someone special. We have the impression that we can solve alone all our problems but it is not so. Ask for help and receive it. You will be surprised how many people will support you. If she does not tell, no one will know that you are concerned about a topic!

2) Make a list: Many people helps them to know that they are moving in a frame, without this meaning that it is oppressive. Make a list of things you enjoy, or things you have to do, noting, in order of priority. The list will help you have more structured thinking, offering valuable assistance in resolving your issue whoever employs.

3) Visualize: The ideal, perfect for you! Get rid of negative thoughts, close your eyes and place in an imaginary frame, the perfect image of what you want to live. Since the ideal boss, your favorite tiramisu, to an idyllic beach for the summer. It is like making a dress rehearsal on your desires that can come true.

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