How To Get Glowing And Natural Look

Everyone want to look good, I think it’s a human nature. In last few decades, fashion and beauty industry obtained the remarkable growth rather than other industry. And the only one reason, attraction of folks towards the beauty. Yet, beauty is respected from ancient time and with the time, this phenomenon has been more famous.

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As we know, all range of beauty product is easily available in the market, some of the beauty liker known how to use the product to enhancing the beauty, and rest do not know very well How to use? This is reason, having not enough knowledge people make mistake during the makeup. On the other hand, folk visit the beauty parlor that is good a option if don’t know or don’t have the time but every-time not possible to visit such centre as it become costly, out from many pocket value.

In this blog, you will know makeup mistake made by folks and also some steps that will be helpful to get the natural and glowing look. It will be my pleasure, if you will be benefited in regard of knowledge and also avoiding the mistake.

Makeup Tips

The makeup artist gave me very helpful makeup tips. To share with you!

5 Steps glowing, natural look

1. Apply a sunscreen with color throughout the face.

2. Apply blush in the color of terracotta (winter-summer) because it gives shine.

3. Apply mascara to your eyelashes.

4. Using a lip pencil for the lips outline.

5. Apply a lip gloss pastel hue.

5 Makeup Mistakes Women Make

  1. The make-up should not end at the chin but the neckline. Attention to the right choice of color: Choose a foundation that resembles the color of the skin on your neck.
  2. The hue of terra-cotta should be orange, but to “brownish”.
  3. Never use dark lip pencil in combination with lighter lipstick or lipgloss.
  4. Select only black mascara and evergreen, blue, etc. The black color is what makes contrast and gives shine to the look!
  5. Prefer a stable foundation, not powder. It lasts longer and certainly the more natural effect.

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