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How Sleeping Posture Affect the Health

Everyone knows that the night’s sleep is the best for our health, both physical and mental. However, many do not know the fact that the attitude that we prefer to sleep plays an important role as it can convert the bed into a deadly weapon! It may sound strange, but its reality even scientists are researching how the sleeping posture can affect our health.

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The attitude, we choose purely personal decision of each. However, the statistics have shown that the largest proportion of the world population chooses to sleep on the sides. But which of the two sides is the best? Until now, you can not  give importance to such a question, but it will change from now when you read what it could mean for you, the choice of “bad” side. Scientists have studied and concluded that the “good” side is the left. And the reasons that present are many and certified.

The benefits of one sleeping on the left side

Being one chooses to sleep on the left can improve health, and in some cases can save up lives. In holistic medicine, the left side of the body is “possible” and when someone is sleeping on it, the body has the opportunity and the time to better filter out toxins, and the lymph fluid in the thoracic duct and lymph nodes Experts , point out that when one sleeps on the right side of the gastric juices are likely to inject and remain in the esophagus while this increases the chances of cancer both the stomach and esophagus.

The doctors even advise women who are pregnant, sleeping on the left side so as to encourage and blood circulation to the heart, which is important both for itself the mother and fetus. At the same even good advice is to follow those who have problems with their digestion or suffer from heartburn and acid reflux and will look to improve their situation.

Finally, studies have shown that people who sleep on the left side show the lowest rates of cholesterol and triglycerides, but also less likely to atherosclerosis. This happens because of the posture which in this favors and helps the body to eliminate and clean more quickly and more comfortably the body and blood of toxins.

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