Office Work: How To Improve Poor Posture Of Your Body!

If you belong to the category of professionals do office work, you know how easy it is to become one with your seat and forgotten for hours in front of the screen of your computer. But the human body is not made to stand seated and bent forward, for so long.

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Studies have shown that poor posture not only leads to significant health problems, but also to a reduction in productivity, confidence and even a deterioration of the appearance of an employee.

With these little tricks, you gradually to improve the posture of your body and avoid all the above problems.

1. Place the monitor of your computer at the height of your eyes.

Place the computer on a specific basis, so that you have direct contact with your screen without being forced to lower or to raise your gaze.

2. Keep your ears it aligned with your shoulders.

With this trick, you will be able at any time to understand if slouching and if you are out of the correct position. Remember that when you sit, your body should form a 90-degree angle.

3. Do not sit cross-legged.

Your feet should be flat on the ground. Whether you bought a cheap footrest or placed under your feet any object could serve as makeshift stands.

4. Use a lumbar support pillow.

A cushion back office will provide support to your spine, forcing to sit in the correct posture.

5. Make mikroaskiseis while sitting at your desk.

Stretch often like trying to grow taller few centimeters.
He put your hands on your shoulders and turn your torso one left, one right.
Shrugged your shoulders slightly upward and then put it down to the bottom. Then spun them back and forth.

6. Get up and move.

Get up from your desk and moving as often as you can, even if it is to go to the bathroom or to drink a glass of water. If you do not have this feature, try to embodiments short walks in your daily schedule and used the stairs whenever you have the opportunity.

Did you finish reading the article? Do not think about it! Get up from your computer and do a little walk before you continue the job!

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