Reflexology A Better Option: Health Hidden In Our Feet

A simple massage offers relaxation, but some specific pressures can significantly improve our health. Reflexology knows exactly how.

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Look after your body, exercise, eat properly, sleep on the right pillow and mattress, avoid alcohol, but there are some “situations” which constitute for you a painful story. Such as a headache and period. Forget for a while painkillers. Do you think that the solution may be hiding on your feet? Reflexology is an alternative treatment, the first traces which are located in ancient China and Egypt. This treatment, used as a means of reflex points that we have in our body, in order to give us better health, to challenge stress, to achieve better blood circulation and lymph circulation, strengthening the immune etc. For this purpose, the expert reflexologist (although we have reflex points throughout the body) prefers and exercise appropriate pressure on the palms, ears and of course the shoes which bear our weight daily and more stressed. The pressures are not random! Our paws which end up thousands of nerve endings are “mapped” and look like the miniature human body. The therapist depending on the problem, pushing in the right place or combined points of the foot, and relieves some part of the body (eg back pain), or help in some situations (eg, anxiety, insomnia). Essentially these compressions, help the body to various problems, most of which derive as we all know stress. Following this treatment, unblock toxins from our body cells and filled with oxygen. Reflexology is not a hidden wand secret which will automatically turn you into a zen princess sleeping peaceful and ignores what anxiety. It is a holistic health method, treatment, and prevention, which should believe and which of course applies to special reflexology. Depending on the problem, the specialist will recommend you the appropriate number of sessions. No treatment is needed while taking and caution to pressure if you have circulatory problems (phlebitis), which of course knows the therapist.
Currently, various kind of message exists which are beneficial for every part of our body. Directly, we can say reflexology is also the part of the message, which is more beneficial than other. In the more simple way, it’s a game with nerve system in which technique, apply the required pressure on a particular nerve from paws which relate to any part of body.

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