Top 10 Refrigerator Brands | Best Refrigerator Companies

Today, refrigerators are most important home equipment that should be available in every residence. This home equipment has various uses. Without this, food that you’ve got at the residence is also spoiled in only a some of hours or days. Refrigerators keep the food a maintain cool temperature and keep mold away from attacking the food that is the main causes of rotting. So, if you want to keep your food fresh and healthy then you should buy the refrigerator. This home appliance not only helpful prevent the food from rotting even in summer you can drink child water. However, always choose the good brand. CinemaJAGAT is providing the name of top 10 refrigerator brand name.

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1. Whirlpool

America based multinational company, Whirlpool organization is based in the state of Michigan. The company is founded in 1911 by Emory Upton and Louis Upton. Today, that is the biggest enterprise relating to making residence home equipment like fridges. The company has made the first position in the list of most branded refrigerator.


2. Samsung

Korea-based electronics appliances and device manufacturing multinational company, Samsung has been a valuable brand by surpassed to its rival. Samsung Refrigerator is most likely by users. It designs and manufactures reliable refrigerator. Additionally, an exception of refrigerators, the corporation can be recognized in manufacturing desktops, cameras, and cellular phones.


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3. LG

Another South Korean electronics MNC corporation is LG Electronics Inc. The Company dealing in the market since 1958.  LG refrigerator builds to remember the latest technology in order to deliver the best quality products.  LG in on the third place in the list of top 10 refrigerator company. 


4. GE

This multinational conglomerate organization is established in the United State of America. The brand is known for delivering the outstanding quality of product and this is the reason company has made the good image in the international market. As per latest record, the company is fourth place in the list of the expensive refrigerator. 


5. Jenn Air

Jenn-Air is founded in 1947, the company never look back till now before that. Indiana state situated this company manufactured the latest technology refrigerator. A wide range of refrigerator in term of features and cost. So if you are looking the low price refrigerator then go with Jenn-Air would be a wrong option. Additionally, the corporation can also be recognized in manufacturing microwave over, dishwashers, and blenders.


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6. Kenmore

Kenmore is operating business since 1927 in the market with headquarters in Chicago. Kenmore is in 6th place in the list of valuable refrigerator brand. Kenmore main motive is to deliver the quality at the genuine price. On the other hand, the company also manufactures other household items like the vacuum cleaner, washing machine.


7. Amana

Another American organization, Amana is also the valuable brand manufacture household items. George Foerstner was the one who established Amana in the yr 1934.  Undoubtedly, it would not difficult to say, the company is engaging the market since last many years by manufacturing the best quality refrigerator.


8. KitchenAid

This American fridge manufacturer, known for dealing all range of home appliances, began work in the year 1919. It was still known as Hobart enterprise at the moment. Its predominant headquarter is placed in the beautiful and strong nation i.e. USA.


9. Maytag

Purely, American enterprise that is considered in manufacturing commercial and house home equipment. Maytag is known for great quality products and this is why company have a good image in the global market. Maytag is on the 9th place, in the list of Most Valuable refrigerator.


10. Frigidaire

Frigidaire is an American corporation founded in the of yr 1918 with headquarters in Charlotte North Carolina, U.S.A. The company is in 10th place in the list of top 10 fridge brand. The corporation is famous in manufacturing industrial and home equipment like refrigerators. Alfred Mellowes and Nathaniel Wales were 2 brilliant people who invented the first refrigerator product for this company.


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