Top 10 SD Card Brand: Best Micro SD cards

At present market is full of countless PC and computer accessories at the best price. However, when you will be conscious of some particular brands of Micro SD playing cards, it’s going to be better for you to buy the best one at an awfully economy cost. Here, CinemaJAGAT is providing the list of top 10 Micro SD Card brand or sometimes say top 10 chip brand.

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1. PNY Elite performance 64GB

This card is in high demand for its high-speed, sturdiness, extreme performance and lifetime assurance. Currently, price range lies between the US $25 to the US $ 84. The brand is famous for their reliable products and has the good marketplace. The company  is placed at first place in the list of top 10 SD card brand.


2. SanDisk severe 64GB U.S.A.I/U3

A well-known brand, Sandisk san disk offer best quality SD card at the affordable price. Thier product comes with the warranty period. 90% purchaser like this brand.


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3. Kingston Digital 16 GB category 4 micro SDHC

Kingston Digital is a part of Kingston organization. Their products are easily available at an awfully inexpensive fee and have a 95% constructive patron experiences. So, with none doubt, one can easily make the trust on this brand. Its 16 GB SDHC micros SD card is the most selling product. ( Expensive SD Card )

If you wish to have a high-quality SD card at the inexpensive rate, then Kingston 8 GB Micro SDHC category is the best option.


4. Samsung 64GB

A Korean based well known multinational company, Samsung is in 4th place in the list of genuine SD card brand. A wide range of Micro SD cards in term of price and quality are easily available in the market. It’s high-speed data rate of its product, make it valuable SD card brand.


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5. Sony MicroSD Card 32 GB

Japan-based purely electronics multinational company, Sony is one of the best brands in term of quality. It is said, no other brand can compare its quality. The 32 GB product of the company, is best one. It’s card but to remember the latest technology that has very cool features. Data transfer speed, Read/write speed and so on features are respectful of their SD card. ( Top 10 SD Card)


6. LG Micro SD Card

A well establish and famous company, LG just recently entered in the manufacturing of SD card. They are now manufacturing high-quality SD cards that can work with almost all electronics devices especially their devices are capable of working with any GoPro camera. The data transfer rate and R/w ( Read/ Write) are quite fast as it can write and read data at speed of up to 50 MB/s. Its Sd card has decent performance that makes it capable of writing HD footage without any damage. It is quite long-lasting as it can survive high temperatures, direct exposure to water and magnetic interference.


7. Transcend Micro SD Card

The Transcend 32 GB MicroSDHC is the best decision for those who have requirement very data fast transfer rates. Its price is quite expensive ( expensive SD card brand ) than other models. Its chip supports high-speed transfer rates. According to the company engineers,  the micro SDHC card can read write speeds up to 85 MB/s.


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8. Silicon Power SD Card

Eight on the place in the list of top best Sd card, Silicon Power card is yet another excellent choice for the ones who have the limited budget. Silicon is the active brand in the market which have the good image in the market. Its product is quite expensive than another brand. It’s class 10 micro Sd card with a capacity of 32 GB, is the best option for the average budget. The company is known for their reliability and its product come with 3 years warranty. ( Low price SD Card )


9. Patriot LX Series 32GB High Speed Micro SDHC

Patriot LX Series 32GB High-Speed SD card has a good Read/write speed. Its UHS-1 performance, give the smooth and quick performance, either capturing video or playing media. Its transfer capability is also abrupt. Additionally, its Sd card is compatible with both SDHC and SDXC slots and. It comes with a variety of memory space from 4 GB to 128 GB. ( Top SD Card Brand )


10. Centon electronics Class 10

Centon Electronics also in the manufacturing list of top 10 Micro SD card, with maintaining the 10 position. However, Centon SD card is able to perform 10MB/S reading speed and 30MB/S writing speed. Compatibility with cameras and camcorders make it the good brand. Last but not least, its Sd card come up with 5 years that makes you care-free regarding any mishappening about SD card. (Best SD Card)


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