The open-office originally designed by a team from Hamburg, in the 50 to facilitate communication and productivity. And so was born what we now know as “open office type.” Since then there have been studies that evaluated those working in open-office. Evaluations concerning how satisfied they felt, the level of stress, their performance, and interpersonal relationships.¬†The results showed that employees feel unhappy, anxious and instead come closer to their colleagues felt resentful. And the most basic productivity decreased.

A recent study by the OxfordEconomics showed that the negative consequences of open-office are much more serious than we realize senior business. That’s because the study found that workers suffer in the open space and can not be obtained. And the worst part is that even if some companies have understood the consequences of open-office, few have attempted to find a solution to the problem.

What are the implications of open-office

Two main problems  are the lack of privacy and noise . Keyboards sound.Phones ringing. Speeches are heard everywhere. People come and go. Want more? Experiments have shown that the stress levels are reduced in quiet areas in relation to the open. In addition, the noise has been linked to poor cognitive performance and reduced ability of employees to think and to bring some information. An open-office may also have negative effects on health. A recent study in Denmark showed that those working in open offices took more sick leave, compared with those who work in offices with one or two people.

Employees are creative when they have a right to privacy and should have privacy and the workplace. On the other hand, what interested employers are to control everything, even if it kills the creativity of workers. When people do not have access to places where they can gather, their productivity is reduced by half. Maybe then, we all have to ask ourselves why the investigations made the show that most people are not happy in their work. And maybe if we start all thinking about which way they can be more productive, we will come closer to find the error and the solution.